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7/12/17 Co-Sponsored meeting with EMPOA & Eastport Green Project: PSEG utility poles CR51 & Eastport Manor Road CR55

posted Jul 15, 2017, 12:43 PM by Moriches Bay Civic Association   [ updated Jul 15, 2017, 12:44 PM ]

VIEW VIDEO: PSEG'S NEW POLES Update on meetings yesterday ( July 12,2017 ) and today ( July 13,2017)

Community meeting yesterday

Yesterday evening's 2 1/2 hour meeting at the Eastport Firehouse brought out over 200 residents whose theme was unanimous: bury the poles.

Thirty-nine residents spoke cogently during an extended question/comment period giving PSEG LI's Vice President - Transmission & Distribution the reasons why the poles should be buried and asking for explanations of things PSEG has done.

PSEG LI's Vice President explained some aspects of the project, but to most of the detailed questions he had been given before the meeting by EMPOA, the Eastport Green Project and Moriches Bay Civic Association.

Newsday, News12 and the Southampton Press covered the meeting. 

Published articles and video segments can be viewed at:

The meeting from start to finish in three segments: 

part 1  

part 2

part 3

Or go to and search for "empoa".

Today's meeting of PSEG and elected officials

This morning PSEG met with Councilman Panico, Supervisor Romaine, Senator LaValle, Assemblyman Thiele and Legislator Krupski. After the meeting Supervisor Romaine reported "We are all working to resolve this" and "We are keeping the pressure on PSEG."

Later Senator LaValle emailed an update received by a number of residents. He said in part

". . . . Last night's community meeting had an impressive turnout and PSEG-LI officials heard loud and clear the will of the residents.

" . . . . [At today's meeting] Assemblyman Thiele and I reiterated our resolve to have all of the lines buried and preserve this historic and environmentally sensitive area. It is my belief that the costs [of burying the lines] should be borne completely by PSEG-LI and not the ratepayers. At the meeting, we made some progress

with PSEG-LI committing to burying a portion of the lines. We will continue to push for them burying the entire project. We are now awaiting a proposal with specificity

of the details. The proposal is expected within the next two

weeks." (Emphasis added.) 

Offer to bury

Mark Harrington of Newsday also reported this evening that at the meeting this morning PSEG officials offered to bury of the lines "in Eastport". Sounds good, right? But wait! Bury them how far?

Far enough so everyone living north of the Old Montauk Highway doesn't shudder when looking at the street?

Far enough so all those living in houses north of Sabrina Drive and on Old Eastport Manor Road (which back onto Eastport Manor Road) don't have to look at monster poles out their windows or from their backyards?

Far enough so those approaching the built part of Eastport from the north don't have to pass a row of tall steel arrows to the sky?

Far enough so those driving past horse, produce and sod farms on the Riverhead Road (CR 51), and those driving by or to, or enjoying, the State's Eastport Conservation Area or the County's Pine Meadows Park or Peconic Hills Park (all on the Riverhead Road but not in Eastport proper) don't have their enjoyment spoiled by a row of 80-foot tall steel sentries?

And if the lines were buried from the Eastport substation to the point on the Riverhead Road where the lines leave the highway, what would the cost be in cents per year to electric ratepayers if PSEG LI did not absorb the costs itself and passed them onto the ratepayers?

Would it really be much at all? PSEG hasn't provided the data.


If you haven't signed the petition on burying the lines, the place to do it is here. Or go to, click Browse, and then search for "PSEG".